The Austin-based indie collection Grey Lakes is a four-piece project of Texas musicians. Producing a sound that inspires people toward sublime movement and honest conversation, the band evokes a vibe and presence similar to the likes of Beach House, Still Corners, and London Grammar.

Climbing to sky heights of cozy eclecticism, the dreamy soundscape of the post-rock quartet builds a drive of ambient reverb that blossoms into peaks of crisp melodies. The floaty atmosphere of the instruments arrange a space fit for female vocals.

Enter lead vocalist Lainey Wright. A soothing voice and lyrical heroine, Lainey uses her mild presence to open a conversation in song. The signer-songwriter branched out from her self-titled project, which favors minor tones and heavy lyrics, to help cultivate hypnotic melodies around the dreamy recordings of three musicians: Jon Amos (bass and back-up vocals), Trey Glaspie (guitar), and Jared Shotwell (drums). The three early members together create experimental but approachable music beds of reverb-laced beachy gloom.

The beginning pieces of Grey Lakes sparked in the summer of 2014, around the time Jon was recording a self-titled project in Jared's home studio. Jon started playing bass in high school jazz band and eventually carried his talents to perform for indie-folk bands around Austin. He quit his day job to pursue music full-time. His vision for Grey Lakes is to create a musical experience that feeds people and brings them to a place of peace.

Trey, whose style is heavily influenced by groups like Explosions in the Sky and This Will Destroy You,  also periodically records with Jared. Trey originally found himself as a musician in junior high band. He sold his trombone for a guitar in college and practiced until he helped start the group Burgundy Road. Having helped work on her self-titled project, Trey bet Lainey's easy voice would sync to Grey Lakes' churning ambience. Lainey joined in December of 2014.

When Jared moved to the Austin area, he took a break from playing with bands to focus on recording. The drummer, whose solo project Loud Bird is a nest of pure experiment, is attracted to offbeat-bizarre and influenced by Blonde Redhead, Tom Waits, and Bill Evans. Jared's studio houses a simple setup; not a lot of fancy gear — just what he needs to produce, mix, and engineer the band's entire debut album, called "Our Blood."

The album is set to release fall of 2015.