Our blood

war is come, king's decreed, shakin'

families weep as fathers leave, breathless

trepid march with willing steps, faithful

the king himself, poised for death, glory


you're free to die if it's for love much deeper than our blood

the colors of the kingdom run much deeper than our blood


mother's sons are soldiers now, so young

timid eyes are casting fear calmly

anxious hearts with steady hands, settled

faces veiled with boundless trust, glory


somethin's lurkin' around the corners of my mind

i've been missing the mark, i'm bound to break with time

i am well aware of all my broken parts

i keep them guarded here inside my broken heart


it's a eucatastrophe and i'm the wicked one

the charity of divinity is keepin' me from insanity


a feeble heart won't keep this compass pointing north

i'm still runnin' towards the lust of eastern shores


the purest thing i know is life lived in reverse

some days

some days hurt like when i was bright eyed for you

some days lack a thrilling tone of something new

always there a faded sense afraid to hide

always near the promise of recurring tides

some days hurt like when i was bright eyed for you

Sea foam green

i was dreamin' in sea foam green again, walls of waves closed in

colored by your hand, caught my wandering glance, counterfeit commands

i was lost inside ways my mind contrived, keep you hard to find

where the sun meets blue, waves of crashing truth pull me into you


set me away with you, away with you

only alive with you, alive with you


i was dreamin' in sea foam green again, walls of waves closed in

where the sun meets me, looking back it seems colored sea foam green

somewhere far away

i was climbin', tryin' to escape you

you came so close i could feel you move

your hand takes mine, we'll travel back in time

before i lost faith in who you are


can we run somewhere far away

with high hopes for plans that we've made

out of control

i was so young, skies colored blue,

sun sets just fine, i don't need you

i close my eyes, wished hard for truth

i didn't think it would be you


we're so out of control

buyin' smiles with a currency of hope

all these lies have left us broke

we're so out of control


my body breaks each aging day

i see the light fade into grey

with every loss, i find you there

we keep our love and disappear